Why Sending Flowers Help Mental Health

Why Sending Flowers Help Mental Health

let’s look out for one another

We are all currently experiencing change in our life and for many this can be a scary thing.

We need to be extra vigilant with checking in with our friends, family and neighbours and having some much needed social interaction… although it may need to be from a distance (Keep that 1.5m distancing ?) this doesn’t mean we reduce the quality of our listening; if anything we need to flex our social skills to pick up on anyone that may not be coping.

Sometimes we can’t be there for the people we care about; maybe they’re in a nursing home, interstate/overseas or life at the moment is too chaotic with home schooling while attempting to work from home!

Flowers are a great way of reminding someone that you are thinking of them but they have even more power than that… they help to brighten your mood, improve problem solving, help you feel more creative and can even bring calmness.

Sending a bright bunch of Sunflowers are a great way to bring a smile to someone’s face. They are known as the happiest flower in the flower family.

Sending a bunch of purple toned flowers can bring on creativity. Or red flowers are connected to concentration.

Chrysanthemums have been shown to reduce symptoms of worry and reduce levels of stress… So all those mum’s out there who received chrysanthemums for Mother’s Day earlier this month will hopefully already be feeling the benefits!

Studies have also shown that waking to a bunch flowers next to your bed will increase mood greatly… really!

So support local florists and growers during this time and reap the rewards of mood boosting and economy boosting during these difficult COVID times.

And remember if you need someone to talk to outside your friend and family circle, lifeline is always there to listen 13 11 14.



Posted by Kristy Henderson

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