Gifts & Extra’s Range

If you would like to order flowers to be delivered outside of Sydney to other parts of NSW, interstate or overseas please click here to view selection and order via Petals Network

  • Bath Salts

    Relax and unwind with these beautiful Crystal infused Bath Salts.
    $34.95 Select options
  • Wyatt

    Spiced Cinnamon + Pear. Wyatt is the ultimate confidence booster.
    $39.95$42.95 Select options
  • Lois

    Lemongrass + Lime. Lois allows you to relax & bring emotions to the surface.
    $39.95$42.95 Select options
  • Laken

    Magnolia + Coconut. Laken will give you courage and positivity.
    $39.95$42.95 Select options
  • Hunti

    Camellia + Lotus Blossom. Hunti is like a day-spa in a bottle. Wash away stress & anxiety.
    $39.95$42.95 Select options
  • Danial

    Coconut + Lime. 'Bringer of light', deflects negative and unwanted energies
    $39.95$42.95 Select options
  • Agapi

    Creamy Gelato + Caramel Frost. Agapi will open your heart chakra to every kind of love that you need.
    $39.95$42.95 Select options
  • Candle

    Add a Meeraboo candle to your flower order to take it to the next level.
    $34.95 Select options
  • Hand-made card

    Add a special touch. We have a large selection of hand-made cards which can be included in your order.
    $4.95$8.95 Select options