My experience in Stylish Scents

I'm Isaac Jiang and I'm sixteen. I worked in Stylish Scents for five days for year ten work experience. I was never keen on flowers, however I believed that the skills that I gained would prove handy in the future. I didn't think being a florist would be challenging, but boy was I wrong. Not having ever worked before, this work experience has been tough physically. I'd say I'm quite an athletic individual, but there is a lot of prep work and maintenance of flowers. On the first day I started at nine o'clock in the morning and ended at five (an EIGHT hour shift). I was tasked with: cutting all the stems off the flowers, refreshing the flowers with water, moving huge vases, changing the water in vases, sweeping, throwing out trash etc. It was just one task after the other. Thankfully, I received an one hour break. The following days I completed similar tasks, as I spent more time at Stylish Scents the easier the tasks became. Personally, I'd say I've become more independent and disciplined as the days went on, I didn't rely on coworkers as much as when I started. I also discovered a life lesson, which is how hard it is to earn money, perhaps I will be more sparing on how I spend my pocket money?. Additionally, I also got educated on maintaining flowers, enhancing a flower's image and general knowledge on the industry. Overall, I did enjoy my time at Stylish Scents, my coworkers were friendly and patient with me. That really encouraged me to push through my eight hour shift everyday. The tasks weren't too difficult, but there is just a lot of work to do and it gets repetitive.


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Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.30pm
Saturday 8.30am-3.00pm
Sunday Closed